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My Son is Hyperactive
My 4 year old is hyperactive and can't sit still for a moment. He's an accident waiting to happen and needs constant supervision. I can't take him anywhere without worry about him getting into trouble. The last time we went to the grocery store was horrible, he wouldn't sit in the cart. He ran around the store, grabbing things and causing a scene. when I tried to stop him, he had a temper tantrum, everyone stared. It was so embarrassing. Please help!! I'm exhausted, frustrated and at the end of my rope.

Richmond Hill

Dear Exhausted,

Hang in there, parenting an overactive child can be frustrating and exhausting. Since your goal is to help your son develop self-control and discipline, set clear limits and be very consistent with follow-through. Let him know what to expect, and reinforce it. Before you enter a public place, reaffirm your expectations. "We're going to the grocery store, do you remember how to act?" Offer a choice of consequences "If you behave in the store, you'll get a special treat. If not, we'll go straight home." Then give him something to do while shopping, like putting items in the cart. If he still misbehaves in the store, calmly take his hand and walk out. Give a second chance "you were running in the store, do you want to try again or go home?" If he misbehaves a second time, go home. Setting limits won't be easy at times, just remember to stay consistent and be patient.

Mr. Oak
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