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My 3-year-old calls me by my first name.

My 3-year-old daughter has been calling me by my first name for the past six months. She also calls me Mommy, but I am trying to eliminate her calling me by my first name. I have tried asking her to not to call me by my first name, because that's disrespectful. When she slips, I have tried reminding her to call me Mommy . I am not having a lot of success. Any tips on what I can do?

Toronto, On

Dear Gail,

our child calls you by your first name because she hears other people say it. There's no disrespect intended. In fact, it's a sign of how good she is at picking up social cues. Reasoning with her and reminding her won't work, as you've found out. Instead, simply don't respond when she calls you by your first name. Pretend you didn't hear her and go on about your business. Then when she calls you Mommy, respond quickly. In fact, every so often when she calls you Mommy, tell her how much you like that. Calling you mommy means she's very special, because she's the only one (apart from siblings) who can call you that. 

If you do this, she'll start calling you mommy.

Mrs. willow
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