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Winter Jobs for Teens
By Jennifer Peek

It's a great time to find winter jobs for teens.  The holiday aisles are buzzing - and teens need money for the holidays.  And employers need help.  What a great match! 

Traditional seasonal jobs 

There are traditional seasonal winter jobs for teens that can be easy to find.  And they might fit well into a teen holiday schedule due to school breaks and the extra needs of employers. 

First, look at the retailers in your area.  These can be the big-box stores in malls or the local gift shop.  All are going to be having more customers and possibly longer hours.  While there are limits on the hours that some teens can work, nearly all retailers need extra staff for the increased demands.

Next, scope out the restaurants.  People who go out shopping do not want to go home to grab a bite.  They want to get something while they are out.  Add that to the increase in celebrations in the evenings, and you've got restaurants that need more help. 

Finally, parents are looking for extra help with the kids.  Between the shopping demands and the party season, parents are in need of more babysitting than normal.  And babysitters are in high demand.  Offer daytime sitting on the weekends to allow for parents to shop or nighttime sitting for those holiday parties (even if it's in the same home as the party!). 

Other ideas for winter jobs for teens 

If you cannot find or are not interested in the traditional winter jobs for teens, consider other seasonal jobs that might be available in your area.  These might last longer than the traditional jobs because they are not based just on the holidays. 

These include indoor sports areas, such as rock-climbing or ice skating areas, or the local gym which is sure to see an increase in attendance for New Year's resolutions.  Also consider outdoor sports options such as outdoor ice skating rinks or local ski slopes. 

Whatever path you choose in your search, remember that winter jobs for teens are all around.  It's just a matter of finding that great job for YOU! 

About The Author: Jennifer Peek is an accountant and mother of two.  She writes about all aspects of kids and money on her website http://www.money-and-kids.com  Find more resources for winter jobs for teens at http://www.money-and-kids.com/winter-teen-jobs.html  

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